Looking to generate large tax refunds for your business by uncovering hidden, easy to miss expenses that your company already incurred to improve your products and technology? We can use these claimable expenses to get large refunds from the government through a SR&ED tax credit program.

SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) is a federal tax incentive program run by the CRA that is aimed to reward businesses that invest in improving their products and processes.

It allows you to get as a cash tax refund up to 59% of eligible expenses that you spend on salaries, materials, subcontractors and many other things related to modifying your products, technologies or operations. 

Even though the SR&ED program is well known, many decide not to take advantage of it because they wrongly believe that their company does not have any expenses eligible for SR&ED refunds.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to identify such eligible expenses and put tens of thousands of dollars back into your business!

Some of the most common activities that are missed by business owners that can be converted into a SR&ED refunds from the CRA are:

  • Introducing new products 
  • Changing existing products to address a specific market need
  • Innovating existing or introducing new equipment to your operations
  • Trying to increase the shelf life of your products 
  • Making any changes to your product packaging 
  • Working to automate or improve your production process 

……and many other activities that would generate successful refunds.

With our expertise, experience and technical knowledge, we will assist with identifying your activities and processes, prepare your SR&ED submission, and support you in the process while maximizing the benefit allowed within the tax rules.

For over 15 years, over 200 industries have trusted our team to prepare SR&ED claims for their business, resulting in over $20 million in tax refunds generated for our clients.


  • Zero Risk, No Upfront Fees: we get paid only if you get your refund! Our fees are 100% based on the results that we achieve for you.
  • Extremely High Success Rate: vast majority of our client’s claims are accepted as filed by the CRA without any required changes or reductions. 
  • No Need to Switch Accountants: we are not trying to take your accountant’s job. We will work together with your accountant to maximize your refund without causing any tension.
  • 15 Years of Experience: our professionals have successfully completed over 1,000 SR&ED claims.
  • We Know Your Industry: our team specializes in food industry companies and has an in-depth technical understanding of your business to maximize your refund. 
  • Get the Highest Cash Refund Possible: we are able to identify and claim unclear, unintuitive processes and expenses that most other firms will miss, resulting in a much higher refund.
  • We Know What the CRA Wants: We keep extensive notes on all comments made by CRA auditors on previously submitted claims. This allows us to tailor your submission based on their preferences, maximizing the value of your refund.
  • We Can Improve Already Submitted Claims: we specialize in getting refunds for claims that were rejected earlier or improving old claims to get a higher refund for you.
  • Technical Expertise: in addition to being chartered accountants, we are licensed engineers that understand the science and technology behind your work. 
  • Easy, Seamless Process: our unique methodology demands very little time from you and your staff, allowing you to focus on your business while we do our work.

Contact us for a free Project Feasibility Assessment for your company. It carries no obligations and analyzes different factors to assess the expected value of your SR&ED refund.

It never hurts to hear a fresh perspective (even if you have made SR&ED submissions in the past)!

Please contact us by phone or email to discuss how we can help you can get substantial refunds from the CRA for your business.